Compactable shelving

Etermet compactable metal shelving

Etermet compactable shelving is an efficient and compact storage solution, specifically designed to maximize the use of available space. Their operation is based on the use of mobile bases that slide on tracks mounted on the ground, allowing the opening and closing of lanes as needed. This movement system can be managed manually, with the operator controlling the movement by rotating a handwheel, or electrically, thanks to electric motors installed on the mobile bases and controllable by the operator via a panel or a software application.

Our compactable solutions can be integrated with shelving Trenta5 for light loads and with shelving 6Strong for medium-heavy loads. Furthermore, thanks to a wide range of available accessories it is possible to customize the system according to the unique needs of each warehouse. Our design team is constantly working to create tailor-made projects, considering not only the dimensions of the structures and the operational needs of the warehouses, but also offering color customizations to ensure that the systems adapt perfectly to the environments in which they are installed.


• greater storage capacity;

• optimization of picking processes;

• optimization of the space available through the elimination of corridors;

• optimal preservation of archived materials;

• protection of materials from dust and humidity;

• adaptability to a wide range of applications.