Multi-level shelving

Etermet multi-level metal shelving

Etermet multilevel shelving offers an intelligent and versatile approach to exploiting all the height space in warehouses. These solutions are designed to reach heights of up to 12 meters and to accommodate one or more walking floors in height, allowing a substantial increase in storage capacity without having to expand the structure horizontally. Thanks to the vast range of accessories, sizes, heights and options for walking surfaces, our designers are committed to providing tailor-made solutions for each customer, always ensuring compliance with current design regulations and with particular attention to compliance with rigid earthquake resistance standards.

• The walking surface, whether trolleyable or not, can be made in different variations based on the customer's needs:
– Walking surface with grilled slat profiles
– Walking surface with blind slat profiles
– walking surface with wooden panels.

• The metal carpentry staircase is the result of careful design that aims to guarantee safe and efficient access during picking operations. Every detail is carefully considered, from structural resistance to practicality of use, and we have adopted rigorous design parameters compliant with Legislative Decree no. 81/08 and UNI EN ISO 14122-1-2-3-4 regulations.

• The overhead metal gate allows for easy opening for loading/unloading goods, making the most of the available space and preventing the worker, for example in conditions of possible distraction, from falling from a height.

• There is a wide range of accessories that guarantee maximum safety for operators and stored goods including:
– side and rear panels in mesh or solid sheet metal to guarantee protection from the risk of goods falling from above.
– parapets:
>knee pads
>toe strips


• efficient use of vertical space;

• Reduction of the need to physically expand the warehouse, leading to significant cost savings;

• simplification of the product search and picking process;

• adaptability to the specific needs of each customer thanks to the great variety of accessories, sizes, heights and types of walking surface.