Shelving for automatic warehouses

Etermet metal shelving for automatic warehouses

Etermet has invested in automation – Automatic warehouses represent the cutting edge of operational efficiency and space optimization. Thanks to the new shelving systems Trenta5 And 6Strong, Etermet is the ideal partner for companies seeking operational excellence, workplace safety and highly customizable solutions. Our products have been designed to raise quality standards, from the production of individual components to the assembly phases, and integrate perfectly with the most innovative automation technologies foreseen for the picking and depositing operations of light loads (Miniload and Carton Transfer Unit) .
Our design team is always available to develop the perfect configuration for each type of use, guaranteeing compliance with the safety parameters required by the directives on earthquake resistance, as well as the restricted tolerances and verticality and flatness criteria required for correct operation of automatic withdrawal mechanisms.

Customization knows no limits – We are ready to create tailor-made solutions for every customer need, bringing innovation, quality and reliability to every stage of the process. Our shelving for automatic storage systems is designed to meet the needs of drawer and box rack warehouses, configurable with single and double depth, as well as supported by brackets and shelves.


• high storage density;

• optimization of spaces;

• optimization of working times;

• use of the warehouse 24 hours a day;

• rapid access to products thanks to high working speed;

• high precision of storage and retrieval operations;

• possibility of having customized configurations for the management of products of different shapes and sizes;

• computerized inventory management.