The foundation
Renato Becattini patents a new hook shelving system. Updated over the years, it is still excellent today in terms of functionality and reliability. Together with other partners, Renato founded Etermet sas in an agricultural warehouse on the hills of Florence.
The first production laboratory
Etermet SaS moves its production laboratory to Calenzano, in via Vittorio Emanuele 50.
Etermet by Becattini Renato
Renato acquires the shares of the other partners and the company becomes family-run.
The first powder coating plant
Etermet is among the first companies in the sector to focus on the quality of painting. In 1980, an automatic powder coating system was purchased, thus paving the way for an innovation that would also inspire other companies in the sector in the following years.
Etermet snc
It is the year of generational succession in which his son Fabrizio Becattini acquires the majority of the company and becomes the driving force of the business.
Thanks to the good results obtained, the production space was doubled by acquiring the adjacent factory.
UNI EN ISO 9001 certification
Etermet, which has always been committed to providing high quality products and services that meet the needs and expectations of customers, decides to adapt its business processes to the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard. The objective is to continuously improve operational processes, involve staff at all levels of the organization and ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations in the industrial racking industry.
Etermet srl and Cisi Quality & Safety brand
Fabrizio takes over the company and starts a process of constant growth by reorganizing the company strategy and renewing products and production lines. It is the year in which the company registered in the Industrial Shelving section of the ACAI (Italian Steel Manufacturers Association), receiving the CISI Quality & Safety mark. Etermet has maintained the brand, which is a guarantee of the application of good technical standards that ensure the suitability of the shelves regulated according to Legislative Decree 172/04 on the "safe product", as long as this has existed and still maintains its production standards adhering to those rules.
Perfect shelf
A new hook-shelf-mobile reinforcement system was patented and two automatic lines were subsequently installed for their production.
New headquarters
It is the year of the acquisition of the current factory based in Via di Le Prata, also in Calenzano. The project includes new organized spaces and the installation of a photovoltaic system on the roof which meets more than 60% of the energy needs.
Etermet installs two automatic Industry 4.0 profiling lines for the production of the new 6Strong anti-seismic shelving system for light and medium-heavy loads. Furthermore, an innovative Industry 4.0 quick color change paint booth is introduced, thus allowing customers to choose from all RAL K7 colours.
Campi Bisenzio production site
On February 20th the new production site in Campi Bisenzio for molding, carpentry and welding processes was inaugurated.
The new light shelving system with Trenta5 closed profile upright is born, which takes the performance of this type of shelving to a higher level. For its production, three new automatic Industry 4.0 production lines are installed.
Re-design of the headquarters
With the renovation process of the main factory in Calenzano, which involves the insulation of the roof and facade, the installation of a mechanized brise soleil and a parking area covered by photovoltaic panels and equipped with charging columns, Etermet underlines its continuous commitment to conducting its activities in a sustainable way and promoting environmentally friendly practices.
Today Etermet is a point of reference in Italy for the production of metal shelving for light and medium-heavy loads. Our mission is to assist companies in optimizing their storage space, improving their operational efficiency and ensuring safety in the workplace. We achieve these objectives through the design and production of innovative and reliable products, which represent the perfect synthesis between tradition and innovation. The continuous research on the product and on the production systems, the flexibility, the vast range of solutions and accessories and the rich know-how of our technicians make us unique on the market and allow us to also design "tailor-made" solutions to satisfy the most demanding customers. demanding.
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