Etermet in pills


Founded in 1968, Etermet is today a consolidated company with over 50 years of experience in the design and production of industrial metal shelving for light and medium-heavy loads.
The company mission is to assist customers in optimizing their storage space, improving operational efficiency and ensuring safety in the workplace. To achieve these objectives, an advanced approach to design is adopted, which is managed internally by specialized technicians using dedicated software for the 2D and 3D development of storage systems. Production is carried out internally in the production plants of Calenzano (Fi) and Campi Bisenzio (Fi), where top quality certified steel is cold worked in automated lines that guarantee high productivity, excellent quality performance, as well as the exact traceability of each element produced .
Today, with systems 6Strong, Trenta5 And BanKo, we offer solutions exclusively with closed profile uprights, guaranteeing mechanical performance, safety and style never seen before in the industrial metal shelving sector.


Etermet has 2 main products and 1 complementary one

    – Industrial metal shelving system for manual and automated picking for light loads Trenta5.
    – Industrial metal shelving system for manual and automated picking for medium loads 6Strong.
    – Modular system for sales counter BanKo.

These systems have a series of accessories that are compatible with each other which make them suitable for almost any type of application (hanger, tire rack, document storage, drawers and dividers for small parts, standard and reinforced shelves, grid and opaque infill systems).

The sections of the uprights Trenta5 And 6Strong, observable alongside, are characterized by the innovative closed section profile, an almost unique feature at an international level. This design gives greater mechanical resistance and safety, as well as optimizing storage space thanks to reduced dimensions.


Environmental sustainability is at the center of Etermet's corporate philosophy.
In addition to cold working the structural steel, which by its nature does not produce combustion and fumes, we carefully select the powders used in the painting process. The powders we choose are classified as non-hazardous in accordance with EC Regulation 1272/2008 (CLP) and we manage their complete recovery and filtering with the aim of minimizing waste and emissions into the surrounding environment.

Currently, over 60% of the energy necessary for the operation of the company comes from our photovoltaic system, located on the roof of the Calenzano production plant. This system, recently expanded and supported by a new system in the parking area, has made it possible to save over 700 tons of CO2 since its installation.

Aware of its role within the community, Etermet has joined, starting from July 2022, to the pilot group of signatory companies of the Pact for Sustainable Development of Calenzano. This is a path that involves the involvement of local businesses in the implementation of actions, initiatives and projects for ecological transition and the fight against climate change for the progressive reduction of climate-altering emissions (CO2eq).

More humane shelving

The cold working of steel takes place exclusively by means of machinery created ad-hoc with patented technology.
Furthermore, thanks to 180° processing and the innovative closed section profile of the upright, our products are completely anti-cut, thus allowing to increase the protection of the operator who will use them and the goods they will host.


The systems Trenta5 And 6Strong are suitable to comply with the rigorous earthquake resistance criteria that can be encountered. Our shelving benefits from the presence of a series of features, including closed profile uprights, shoulder trellis, special base plates, bracing and ground fixing systems, which make them capable of satisfying every need for installation in seismic areas . Our technical staff is able to carry out ad-hoc designs, guaranteeing the use of adequate components without resorting to unnecessary oversizing or dangerous undersizing.


In Etermet, the passion and efforts for the research and creation of high-performance products are supported by a system of 360° services which accompanies the customer from the initial analysis phase up to maintenance.

Our specialized staff is able to support the customer at every stage:

  • inspections;
  • consultancy for storage solutions;
  • design;
  • delivery;
  • installation;
  • after sales service;
  • periodic inspection visits (EN 15635);
  • maintenance.