360° services


In Etermet, the passion and efforts for the research and creation of high-performance products are supported by a 360° service system that accompanies the customer from the initial analysis phase to maintenance.
Our specialized staff is able to support the customer at every stage:”

Consulting for storage solutions

Thanks to our widespread network of agents and distributors throughout the country, we are able to carry out inspections directly on site, allowing for an in-depth assessment of the needs and conditions of the warehouse. Our team of technicians is ready to make their knowledge and expertise available to help customers identify the ideal storage solutions for their business.
In particular, the consultancy provided by Etermet consists of an analysis of the flows of goods to offer the most suitable solution and the development of a project layout, with the aim of guaranteeing the perfect result.


To guarantee a successful design we start from an in-depth analysis of all the critical factors: dimensions and weight of the units to be stored, available space, characteristics of the flooring and location of the site.
Furthermore, our technicians use dedicated software for the 2D and 3D design of storage systems, as well as for the design of all the components of our products. This advanced approach to design allows us to offer highly customized and suitable solutions to guarantee reliable protection of stored materials, the working environment and operators in the event of seismic events.
Earthquake-resistant design is an important aspect of our business philosophy and we constantly work to ensure that our solutions are in line with international best practice in safety.


We pay attention to details and ensure that our products are carefully packaged and delivered nationwide and abroad in perfect condition.


We take care of the installation and commissioning, ensuring that our products are assembled in accordance with the assembly instructions and in a professional manner. To achieve this objective we provide teams of specialized fitters, made up of both internal and external personnel, adequately trained in installation activities and with professional experience in safety matters.
We draw up a report of correct delivery and implementation for each installation, which documents each step of the process in a complete and transparent way, in order to ensure that the system works according to the expected specifications.

After-sales services

We support our customers at every stage of the racking lifecycle to ensure our solutions always live up to their expectations. Our after-sales services include plant reconfigurations, dismantling and transfer of materials to different locations, responsible disposal of disused or damaged materials, inspection and replacement of damaged parts.

Inspection visits according to the UNI EN ISO 15635 standard

Warehouse safety is not only a legal obligation, but an essential practice to ensure the shelf life, cost savings and operational continuity. In this context, the UNI EN ISO 15635 standard "Static steel storage systems - Use and maintenance of storage equipment" represents an essential reference for managing safety in warehouses and minimizing risks or damage to structures. One of the key provisions of this standard is the obligation to have periodic inspections of the racking carried out by technically competent and authorized personnel at intervals no longer than 12 months.

Our team of qualified consultants offers a complete service that includes the following phases:
- Mapping and identification of shelves through the use of intelligent coding systems to assign a unique identification to each component within the storage facility;
- Documentary checks for a complete analysis of the composition and performance of the shelving;
- Field checks conducted by qualified consultants using specific instrumentation and applications;
- Preparation of an inspection report which includes detailed description of the types of damage detected, measurements taken and recommendations for corrective actions;
- Maintaining an inspection history carried out to allow a clear and chronological view of the state of the warehouse over time;
- Continuous telephone assistance to answer questions and provide technical support at any time.


In order to guarantee safety, efficiency and longevity of the shelving, we offer a complete maintenance service which includes the supply and assembly of components for the replacement of damaged parts.