Shelving for order pickers

Etermet metal shelving for order pickers

Etermet racks for picking with order pickers are specifically designed to guarantee a substantial improvement in operational efficiency and warehouse versatility. This is possible thanks to the use of order picking trolleys which allow manual picking operations to be carried out at any height and with reduced aisles, making the most of the available vertical and horizontal space.

Etermet solutions for order pickers stand out for their adaptability in terms of load type and customization. They allow the storage of load units of different sizes and types (boxes, drawers, packaging and loose goods), offering tailor-made configurations thanks to the compatibility of the new shelving systems Trenta5 And 6Strong, to the vast range of accessories available and to any shock-proof mechanical guide devices, useful for facilitating picking operations and preventing damage to the shelving.


• greater storage capacity;

• speeding up of picking operations;

• optimization of vertical space;

• optimization of horizontal space thanks to reduced corridors;

• increased safety thanks to shock-proof mechanical guides;

• adaptability to a wide range of applications.