Earthquake-resistant shelving

Etermet earthquake-resistant metal shelving

Safety first – Etermet develops its systems in full compliance with the regulations currently in force. Depending on the type of structure to be built, rigorous checks are carried out in compliance with UNI EN ISO 16681 "Static steel storage systems - Principles for seismic design", with the Ministerial Decree of 01/17/2018 "Updating of the Technical Standards for Construction”, in circular no. 7 of 01/21/2019 "Instructions for the application of the Update of the Technical Standards for Construction", and as prescribed by the new Guidelines for the Design, Execution, Verification and Safety of Metal Shelving of 06/28 /2023.

Our design team provides customized sizing of the systems, carefully weighing every detail to guarantee a perfect combination of safety and optimal performance, and without resorting to unnecessary oversizing or dangerous undersizing.

The new shelving Trenta5 And 6Strong they are designed to be earthquake-resistant starting from the components. The uprights, both closed section, are produced only with structural steel certified 3.1 (EN 10204) and indelibly marked with a six-digit code to always ensure traceability, crosspieces and diagonals have double seaming and minimal crushing to guarantee maximum torsional rigidity, the X-shaped lattice of the shoulder can be a single configuration or double, and the base plate has a reinforced core inside the upright which maximizes the efficiency of the fixing to the ground and makes it perfect for systems in high seismic areas.

The advantages of Etermet earthquake-resistant solutions:

• safe working environment;

• maintenance of performance in seismic conditions;

• regulatory compliance;

• structural reliability;

• increase in the useful life of the shelving.